Homosexual specific assistance


Homo-, lesbian- and bi-sexuality are not always accepted everywhere. With this unfortunate fact, many questions and/or problems can arise concerning:

  • identity
  • coming-out
  • acceptance by the surroundings (family, friends, heterosexual partners, colleagues)
  • discrimination
  • the beginning and maintaining of relationships
  • the dealing with intimacy and sexuality
  • self-confidence
  • belief and religion
  • homosexual parenthood
  • etc.

Even if your problems aren’t connected to your sexual identity, it is useful if your therapist is informed of the influence of homosexuality in your life. In the 12 years of my practice, I’ve gained a lot of experience and affinity with homosexual specific assistance. I am supported by a network of homosexual professionals. This homosexual assistance consists of individual therapy, relation or family therapy, in which several aspects of homosexual parenthood can come up for discussion. I also practise couples therapy and family therapy together with my colleague Wilfried Sluys. For questions and/or an application, please feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail.