Individual Gestalt therapy


The Buddhists say living is suffering. In other words: pain and sorrow are a part of life, as a human being you can’t avoid these things. However there is no need to suffer more than necessary.

Sometimes people suffer too much because they haven’t learned to cope with problems. They don’t know how to nurture their own feelings. They haven’t yet learned how to listen to the signals of their own bodies. At these moments in one’s life, it is common to feel tired or depressed, like you are on the verge of a burn-out,  you don’t enjoy your life and/or work anymore or you’ve lost your inspiration. These feelings are often shared with becoming more  insecure and having less faith in yourself, others and your future.

Other reasons for suffering can include  mourning a radical loss or suffering from a traumatic experience. Or perhaps you have questions about your identity and/or (homo)sexuality. And maybe you don’t actually have a specific  problem, but are not completely satisfied with your life and are looking for enrichment.

In all these and many more situations, it can be useful to seek professional support. If you have questions or would like an intake formulas, please contact me by phone or e-mail.