My name is Marike de Valk. I am a Gestalt therapist, a couples therapist and an organization counselor. I live and work in Beuningen, near Nijmegen.

Have you recently received advice to search for help or have you come to this very conclusion yourself? If so, I believe I can be of service to you.


I work mainly as a Gestalt therapist. This type of therapy is based upon the contact  between the client and  therapist. On this site you can  read more about Gestalt therapy, in her different forms.  My practice includes  individual psychotherapy, specializing in adults with a variety of needs as well as couplestherapy.

If you’re homosexual, lesbian or bi-sexual, it may be interesting to know that I, as a heterosexual professional, have affinity and experience with homosexual specific assistance.

Couples therapy

wilfried met brilIn addition, together with my colleague Wilfried Sluys, Gestalt therapist and social worker, I  practise both couples therapy and family therapy. We work in my office located in Beuningen. We are available during the day, as well as some evenings.

Corporate counseling

Did you know that Gestalt therapy is also very useful to guide people in situations at work? If you are looking for a coach, supervisor or  counselor, you can find extensive information under the link, Corporate Counseling.

Supervision and studytherapy

If you are a Gestalt therapist yourself, I can also offer you Gestalt supervision. This supervision is part of the mandatory refresher education for NVAGT Gestalt therapists. I am in possession of the necessary registration from the NVAGT. If you are studying at the Gestalt educational institute Multidimens, you qualify to participate in study therapy with me.


You can find your way on this website via the menu or via my sitemap. After you have looked around the website and you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.